March Minimalist Challenge

So, I’ll admit it…I love a good double dog dare.  I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro (I mean…on my treadmill in my family room using the I Fit App). I’ve been known to do a nice 7 day fruit and veggie detox cleanse to debloat and reset.  I am a self-proclaimed goal getter.  Tell me I should drink half my weight in water daily and I’ll have it done by noon.

In the era of Covid, it’s literally been a challenge to stay challenged.  I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos and listening to self-help podcasts and stumbled upon the minimalist challenge.  I am intrigued.

The premise is pretty simple…you eliminate the non-essential items in your life over a month-long period by throwing them out, selling them or donating them to charity. So, on the first of the month, you eliminate 1 item from your life.  One the 2nd, you reduce by 2 items.   Easy-peasy, right?  The challenge part comes in on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd.  I originally planned to do this in February because it’s the shortest month.  LOL!

So, here I go.  Ready to Marie Kondo my way through my stuff to see what sparks joy.  I have a few big boxes set aside to fill with donations and I am ready to be cutthroat as I cut through the clutter.  Check back to see my progress as I attack Minimalist March!  

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