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My official title is “Manager in Charge of Everything that Everyone Else Doesn’t Want to Do at The World of Travel”.  Am I trying to convince you to make me your new travel agent?  Not at all.  I actually don’t handle individual travel requests anymore.  But, I do have a team of over 40 agents that can assist you with your planning if you need help.  They each specialize in different types of travel and different areas of the world, but the chances are that if you are interested in going there one of them can help you with first hand knowledge and expertise.  Honestly, in the era of global pandemics, you really do need a travel agent to advise you on things like travel insurance coverage, CDC guidelines, international entry restrictions and requirements, and where you can get the most travel bang for your buck.  Want to reach out to one of my team?  Click Here to find an agent you like.  Tell them Ellen sent you. 


Ellen and her agents have planned more trips for my family than I can count over the last 15 years.  We explored Italy, Greece and Spain with customized tours lead by personal drivers and guides.  We enjoyed an adults only group getaway to New Orleans that was unforgettable, including delicious dining experiences, a walking tour of the historic sites, a river cruise down the Mississippi, an airboat tour on the bayou and a cooking school class so that we could learn to recreate some of the delicious dishes at home.  We have sailed on many cruises with her agency and had amazing customized private shore excursions in every port.  They take care of all the details so that we can relax and enjoy our vacation.  – Julia K.


Ellen’s team of travel advisors planned my son’s group Senior Class Trip to Punta Cana and it was a filled with memories to last a lifetime.  They were able to secure group air space for our 50 passengers at a greatly discounted price.  They coordinated all of the details of the trip, including transfers from the airport upon arrival, rooms near each other at the resort, a private welcome cocktail party, a white night with group photos, pre reserved dining arrangements and a private snorkel party boat tour.  The kids and parents all had a blast, and it was an amazing opportunity to celebrate one last time together before graduation.  – Amy D.


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