A Little Slice of Paradise…

(Beach in Cozumel, Mexico)

Ellen and family relaxing at Paradise Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

Let’s pretend you happen to find yourself in Cozumel and you want to have an amazing day.  What does that look like for you?

Does dad want to lounge on the beach under an umbrella watching the waves roll onto shore while sipping buckets of beer?

Do the kids want to go kayaking, snorkeling, or jumping and sliding through an inflatable water park?

Hair braiding and henna tattoos plus free wifi for insta posting for the tween? 

How does mom feel about having a relaxing massage on the beach, followed up by one of Cozumel’s best mojitos and lunch from a taco truck?

Parasailing? Yep!

Jet skiing?  You got it!

Banana Boat Rides?  Heck yes they do!

Huge freeform pool?  Check!

Clean restrooms and showers?  Oh my goodness, yes.  Ellen does not do porta pottys!

In honor of their grand reopening on February 1st, I wanted to let you know about one of my secret happy places.  But, lets keep it between us so it doesn’t get overrun with tourists, ok? 

Paradise Beach in Cozumel is about a 10-15 minute ride from the cruise ports and easily accessible by taxi.  When you get into the cab, the driver may try to convince you to go to another beach club (where he gets a kick back), so just let him know you are meeting friends at Paradise Beach.  No need to arrange return transportation because there are always plenty of taxis waiting when you are ready to leave.

Upon arrival, you can purchase the $3 pass, which is access to all of the facilities and use of a beach chair with or without an umbrella for the day.  Come early in the day (they open at 9) if you want a front row view of the water.  But, they always have plenty of chairs at the beach and the pool, so sleep in if you want.  It’s your day, your way.

The $18 fun pass upgrade will also give you access to all the inflatable water toys, kayaks, paddleboards and snorkel gear. 

You will be expected to spend some money on food and drinks during your stay, so don’t miss the homemade tortilla chips with fresh salsa and guac.  We have never had a bad meal at Paradise Beach, so work up an appetite and order away.  Check out the menu here

Or, you can opt for the all inclusive day pass, which currently runs around $64 per person and includes all of the fun pass activities plus all you can eat and drink for the day.  We don’t usually opt for this option, because I am “Two Drink Ellen” and my husband tends to take “all you can eat and drink” as a personal challenge to get his money’s worth.

Parasailing ($50 per person), Jet Skis ($50 for 30 minutes), Banana Boat Rides ($10 for 10 minutes), Massages ($30 for 30 minutes), Henna Tattoos and Hair Braiding are all available but additional. 

Why do I love Paradise Beach?  It’s safe and clean.  There is something for everyone.  You can just hop in a cab and go there whenever it works for you.  Same thing on the return.  When you’re ready to go, just settle your tab and hop in a cab.  See what I did there?!?

Sometimes, I hate having a “tour” and a “schedule” to follow.  I don’t want to pay 2 months in advance for “A three-hour horseback riding excursion from 9 am until noon” only to find out it is actually only 45 minutes on a horse.  The rest of the time is standing around in line waiting and traveling to the horses in a bus packed with sweaty tourists.  And then it starts to rain.  Priceless!

I have lost count as to how many times we have visited Paradise Beach in Cozumel, but it never disappoints.  It’s just flexible and fun.  What’s that you say?  Your friend told you there was another beach club on Cozumel that’s way better than Paradise Beach?  Awesome.  Check it out.  Then visit Paradise Beach and let me know how they compare.  😉

This is not a paid ad and I have received nothing from Paradise Beach except happy memories.  They are currently offering a discounted rate if you prepay your day on their website here.

I will wrap this up with a personal video example of what happens when you let grown adults play all day while enjoying buckets of beer.  My daughter was the projectile.  Good times.  😊

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