At Home Pre Cruise Covid Test

We are so excited to be setting sail tomorrow on Celebrity Cruises brand new ship, Apex. We have 18 months of missed trips to make up for! To make things as simple as possible, we ordered the pre cruise at home Covid Antigen test kits from . For more information about Celebrity’s pre cruise testing requirements, visit Most of the cruises sailing from US ports have similar requirements, but check with your travel agent for the most up to date and accurate information.

I was a little nervous about the whole process (especially shoving that long swab up my nose…eeek!). I thought you might be a little hesitant about it, too. So, your buddy Ellen took one for the team and volunteered to be the covid home test crash test dummy so that I could share with you every step of the process. Overall, the pre cruise at home covid test was quick, painless and relatively easy. Now I can finish packing and get a good nights sleep tonight knowing that I am good to go and will be cruising Covid free. Check back in a week or so for my review of Celebrity Cruise’s Apex and all she has to offer!

Click on the link below to watch me go through the testing step by step so that you’ll know what to expect when it’s your turn to cruise. 🙂

Ellen taking the at home pre cruise Covid test

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