Virgin Voyages

(Disclaimer…You do not have to be an actual Virgin to set sail)

I just finished a training program and seminar about Virgin Voyages and I’ll admit it…

I am hooked and can’t wait to cruise with them!

What’s the Virgin Voyages Advantage?

  • Adults only.  Yep!  No kids programs, chicken finger/hot dog meals or kiddie pools.  I remember the days of traveling with kids on their schedule and feeling like I needed a vacation to recover from our vacation.  This is the trip where you leave the little ones at home with the grandparents while you party like a rock star.   This is also a perfect option for all of us “empty nesters”!  We’ve raised our kids and deserve some adult time.
  • They include most of those “extras” that the other cruise lines tack onto their base price, like bottled water and soft drinks, tips, wifi and alternate dining charges.  Most of the mainstream cruise lines feel like my cable bill…they add so many extras to the base price that the actual cost doubles!
  • Speaking of alternate dining, it is all ala carte restaurants onboard with no set dining times or tables.  Imagine that?!?  Eat what you want, when you want, where you want.  No more bellying up to the buffet!
  • There is no dress code.  Wear what you want, when you want.  Feeling fancy?  Go for it!  Still feeling the effects of last night’s party and opting for comfy and casual?  That works, too.  Do you see a common theme here?
  • They don’t offer a drink package.  You can pre purchase drink credit in $300 increments and get a $50 bonus added to your onboard account.  Drink prices are reasonable, with $5 bottled beers, $8 glasses of wine and $10-12 cocktails.  You can even shake your cellphone activating the Virgin App and a bottle of champagne will be delivered to you wherever you are on the ship.  That’s the rockstar lifestyle we love!
  • Virgin Voyages stays later in port so you aren’t rushing to make it back before the ship sails without you.  One of our favorite past times is relaxing on our balcony watching the running of the drunks in Cozumel as they stagger up the pier trying to get back onboard in time for the 5 pm sailaway. With Virgin Voyages, you can sleep in and head out to explore whenever you are ready.  And, they stay late into the evening at their private beach club in Bimini so you can dance the night away in the sand under the stars.
  • All crew and passengers must be fully vaccinated to sail, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing you are covid safe.  Finally.

Come Sail With Me

Pricing is reasonable considering all that is included.  Check out their brochure and email me if you are interested in booking a Virgin Voyage, because they have some great promotions available.  If it’s not in the budget right now, I am planning to kick off 2022 onboard the Scarlet Lady and will take you with me virtually.  😊

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